My Favorite Podcasts of 2020

I’ve really gotten into podcast listening in the last couple years. I especially enjoy them when I’m going for a walk or a long car ride. They help to pass the time, and they can be entertaining and edifying! I thought I would list some of my favorites here in case you wanted to listen in too.

  1. The Hope We Hold podcast is run by Jeremy and Jinger Vuolo. He is a student at the Master’s Seminary, and she stays at home with their two little girls. Every episode starts with a hope story sent in by a listener or by someone they know. Jeremy’s theological knowledge and Jinger’s gentleness make a great combination, and they clearly love the Lord and make it a practice to open their home to people from all walks of life. I especially appreciated the episode of How to Find Purpose in Life, with Jeremy’s mom Diana Vuolo. She describes her struggles in finding herself at a crossroads in life and how God led her to begin an exciting ministry opportunity.

2. 30 Minutes with the Perrys is run by Jackie Hill and Preston Perry. Jackie is the author of Gay Girl, Good God, an encouraging read of how God saved her from a life of abuse-driven same sex attraction and gave her a new heart. Preston and Jackie give a refreshing and often funny perspective on Christianity, neither having grown up in the church. I really appreciate Jackie’s candor and Preston’s honesty at how difficult their marriage has been in the past, and yet how God has given them grace over the years. One that stood out to me was the Idolatry of Marriage, about how the church has elevated marriage too greatly, and some of the ways that can manifest. Give it a listen here:

3. What Have You is a podcast with Rachel Jancovic and Rebekah Merkle, both talented authors and daughters of Douglas Wilson, lead pastor of Christ Church in Idaho. These women have a winning combination of absolute hilarity, fun banter about life, and refreshing truth. I listen to them in the car, and the people driving next to me must wonder why I’m laughing so hard to myself! An episode that stands out to me is Emotional Exhibitionism, about how to share struggles wisely without attention-seeking or oversharing. Give it a listen here

Let me know some of your favorite podcasts!

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