When you are Weary




Beloved Saint,

When you are weary of the sin-saturation of this broken world, set your eyes heavenward on your eternal home, where there are no more tears, pain or death.

When you are weary of the limitations of your frail and weak body, look to the day when you will receive a new body, whole and strong.

When you weary of the vices and still-besetting sins of your flesh, think of the day when you will be fully redeemed, clothed in the righteousness of Christ.

When you are weary of the rules you create for yourself, and the hard road of Christ-following, remember that His yoke is easy and his burden is light.

When you are weary of the cross you have to carry, and it seems too much to bear, remember that Jesus carried a much heavier Cross for you.

When you are weary… lift up your head, look to Christ, and rejoice.


Throw yourself upon God’s faithfulness as you do upon your bed, bringing all your weariness to His dear rest.

C.H. Spurgeon